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Bernard Collaery is an eminent Canberra lawyer and is a former ACT Government Attorney-General. He was charged in 2018, along with ‘Witness K’, in relation to the Australian government’s bugging of the Timor-Leste government offices in 2004, during negotiations over the Timor Sea oil and gas resources.

Between the two men, there have been over 50 hearings to date. Witness K pleaded guilty and was sentenced in June 2021 to a three months suspended sentence and a 12-month good behaviour bond. Bernard is fighting the charges and has appealed against the secrecy orders in his case.

This webinar will discuss the appeal judges’ decision and its implications for the future conduct of the case, as well as the need for stronger protections for whistleblowers.

Hear from Bernard Collaery about his experience, and integrity experts Stephen Charles QC and Pauline Wright about the implications of the decision for his case and the reforms needed to protect whistleblowers.

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