In an effort to curb the ‘jobs for mates’ culture in Australian federal politics, Mackellar MP Sophie Scamps, in collaboration with the Centre for Public Integrity, Australia’s leading anti-corruption think tank, is proposing a bill that would introduce stricter measures for public appointments. The private member’s bill aims to ensure more transparency and integrity in the selection process for roles in key government bodies such as the National Anti-Corruption Commission and Australian Electoral Commission. The new system would present ministers with a shortlist of at least three qualified candidates, from which they must select without adding potential political appointees. In line with Scamps’ proposal, the government has already announced a review of appointment standards. The bill, if enacted, would cost about $3 million per year, according to estimates by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.

This summary comes from The Australian Financial Review, was written by Tom McIlroy, and can be found here.