Coalition government’s ‘brazen’ health grant breach ‘worse than sports rorts’, integrity body says

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has sharply criticized the former Coalition government for deliberate breaches of grant legislation surrounding the Community Health and Hospitals Program (CHHP). The health department’s actions, labeled as “potentially corrupt” by MP Monique Ryan, have raised significant concerns about corruption, transparency, and integrity within the Australian government’s grant system. The… Read More

Media Release – “Time to act on pork barrelling” Former ICAC Commissioner

The former Chief Commissioner of NSW ICAC, the Hon Peter Hall KC, has today called for action to strengthen the administration of Commonwealth grants. Speaking as the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit holds inquiry hearings into Commonwealth grants administration, Mr Hall has advocated that pork barrelling be included in the Ministerial Code of… Read More

SA government denies pork-barrelling accusations on sports grants, amid broader national discussion over the practice

Written by Rory McClaren. Originally published by the ABC on June 26 2022. In politics, making good on election commitments should be thought of as core business. But how those promises are created, then delivered, in government can be a minefield for politicians of all political persuasions. From commuter cark parks by the Federal Coalition… Read More

Pork barrel politics isn’t just about integrity; it is corrupt

Written by Anthony Whealy. The current chair of the Centre for Public Integrity he is a former NSW Supreme Court judge and a former assistant commissioner of the ICAC. This article was originally published in the Australian Financial Review on May 2, 2022. It is a concern when a major newspaper, in this case, The… Read More

Over $55 billion in grants necessitates new scrutiny framework

A new framework for the administration of government grants is urgently required, according to new research by the Centre for Public Integrity. With over $55 billion in government grants distributed by the Morrison Government, and the Australian National Audit Office finding systemic problems with grant administration, greater scrutiny is vital. The research recommends a tripartite… Read More