Australia’s weak donation laws allowed $1bn in dark money to go to political parties over two decades

By Christopher Knauss, originally published in the Guardian 1 February 2021. Australia’s weak donation laws are allowing political parties to hide the origins of $1bn in income and giving mega-donors the ability to exert disproportionate influence over the system, new analysis suggests. The Australian Electoral Commission will on Monday release the latest tranche of donations… Read More

Media release: 46% of 2019-20 donations came from just 5 donors: AEC disclosure

February 1 2021 The most recent AEC donations disclosures confirm the need for urgent reform of ourpolitical finance system. The data shows that big donors are dominating the funding ofour political parties, with 46% of all donations coming from just 5 donors. Total donations 2019 – 2020 $18,020,970 Biggest donors Mineralogy $5,910,341 Pratt Holdings $1,550,000… Read More