Summary: A ‘Gold Standard’ to Curb Political Favoritism in Australia

Independent MP Sophie Scamps, in association with the Centre for Public Integrity, Australia’s leading anti-corruption think tank, is urging the Albanese government to adopt a “gold standard” for Commonwealth public appointments to eliminate political favoritism. Scamps’ private member’s bill, dubbed the Transparent and Quality Public Appointments (Ending Jobs for Mates) Bill 2023, proposes the creation of a public appointments commissioner, independent departmental selection panels, and a non-government-led parliamentary joint committee on appointments, at an estimated cost of $3 million per year. The legislation aims to end the practice of favoritism in public appointments, thus restoring trust in Australia’s political system and preventing potential corruption. Scamps’ proposition aligns with a larger trend in Australia towards greater transparency and integrity in politics.

This summary comes from The Canberra Times, was written by Karen Barlow, and can be found here.