Party profiles

February 2022

Australian political parties reported receiving over $1.24 billion in donations in the 22 years from 1998/99 – 2019/2020. Both donor and party-reported disclosures to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) reveal that the financing of our political parties is dominated by large and opaque donations. Donations peak in election years, suggesting that private interests seek to influence political outcomes. The 2019 Federal Election set the record for the most donations received.

As part of our paper Who pays the piper we looked at the AEC data on each political party to create a party profile and we have published them separately below for ease of consumption.

Donations profile of the Australian Labor Party
Donations profile of the Coalition
Donations profile of the United Australia Party
Donations profile of the Australian Greens
Donations profile of One Nation
Donations profile of Katter’s Australia Party
Donations profile of the Centre Alliance
Donations profile of the Jacqui Lambie Network

Methodological notes are available here, and should be consulted in order to avoid misinterpretation of this analysis.