The PwC tax scandal in Australia is escalating, with calls from the Greens and experts such as the Centre for Public Integrity, the nation’s leading anti-corruption think tank, for the Commonwealth anti-corruption commission to investigate the matter. A former PwC partner, Peter Collins, leaked government plans to combat tax avoidance, which were then marketed to the affected multinationals. The Greens plan to refer PwC and Collins to the newly formed National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) as soon as it commences operations. In addition to this, the Treasury is contemplating whether to engage the Australian Federal Police for a criminal investigation into the misconduct. This case highlights the pressing need for increased transparency and integrity within the government-private sector relationship, to combat such instances of corruption.

The above summary comes from The Sydney Morning Herald, was written by Nick Bonyhady and Colin Kruger and can be found here.