The Centre for Public Integrity conducts research on issues of integrity and accountability. Our core research areas are below. By clicking the corresponding link you can see/download the publications from each group:

The Centre’s Integrity Reform Agenda outlines the board’s research priorities to prevent corruption and restore public trust.

Each program has an associated project committee of experts that lead the research. The Centre’s publications are reviewed by our Research Committee:

  • The Hon David Harper AM QC, former judge of the Victorian Court of Appeal
  • Professor Lisa Hill, University of Adelaide (chair)
  • Professor Sally Young, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Rodney Smith, University of Sydney
  • Professor Tim Prenzler, University of the Sunshine Coast

The Research Committee reviews the research programs of The Centre for Public Integrity to ensure the publications are ‘scientific in nature and of value to Australia’. Members are chosen based on their experience in supervising research projects, and are approved by the Department of Education and Training as part of the Centre’s registration as an Approved Research Institute. The research committee does not necessarily endorse the policy positions of the Centre.