The Centre for Public Integrity conducts research into preventing corruption through a National Integrity Commission.

A National Integrity Commission is needed to investigate allegations and expose corruption in the federal government and public sector. There is currently no institution with the remit and powers necessary to investigate allegations of misconduct involving federal parliamentarians or the public service. The Commission must have a broad jurisdiction and the strong investigative powers of a Royal Commission, including the ability to hold public hearings.

National Integrity Commission publications

A Design Framework for the establishment of a strong and effective National Integrity Commission

Our design framework for a National Integrity Commission has been developed by former judges, integrity experts and academics from across Australia.

Submission to the Inquiry into the planning, construction and management of the Western Sydney Airport project Limited

The controversy surrounding the Leppington Triangle acquisition lead to an enquiry. You can read our submission here.

Commonwealth Integrity Commission Consultation: the Government is the only supporter of its CIC

Over 300 submissions. 218 made public. Our analysis shows that the Government is the only supporter of its own proposal.

Members of the National Integrity Commission project committee are:


  • The Hon Stephen Charles AO QC, former judge of the Victorian Court of Appeal
  • The Hon Barbara Cotterell, former Victorian Magistrate and County Court judge
  • Nicholas Cowdery AO QC, former Director of Public Prosecutions of NSW
  • Adjunct Professor Colleen Lewis, Monash University