‘A feather duster’: Critics say draft laws for national corruption watchdog fall short

By David Crowe, originally published on November 2nd 2020. A clash in Parliament is set to decide the powers of a new federal corruption watchdog after the Morrison government released draft laws that fall short of calls for public hearings into political scandals. Attorney-General Christian Porter launched six months of public consultation on Monday by… Read More

Commonwealth Integrity Commission legislation makes it easier for politicians to hide

By Harley Dennett, originally published by the Canberra Times on 19 November 2020. Federal politicians and their inner circles will have even more scope to hide from scrutiny according to legal analysis of the proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission. New secrecy provisions prohibit the commissioners from reporting on any evidence, findings or recommendations relating to parliamentarians… Read More

Anti-corruption bodies are supposed to ‘expose corruption publicly’

Originally published by Sky News on 3 November 2020. Former Assistant Commissioner to the NSW ICAC Anthony Whealy QC says the whole role of an anti-corruption body like the proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission is to uncover corruption and “expose it publicly”. It comes as Attorney-General Christian Porter unveiled the Morrison government’s plan for the integrity… Read More

The secret $53m Sydney land deal that has left NSW taxpayers with an even bigger clean-up bill

By Adele Ferguson, Matt O’Sullivan and Chris Gillett, originally published NOVEMBER 16, 2020. The NSW government paid three times as much as the Valuer-General’s estimate for a parcel of highly contaminated land near Parramatta that earned a Sydney property developer a $15 million windfall in a matter of months. In a series of transactions that has sparked calls for… Read More

Casey saga has corruption lessons for Victoria and Canberra

By Royce Miller, originally published by The Age on 13 November. Twelve years ago then Victorian Labor premier John Brumby pronounced that political donations were “a sign of a healthy democracy”. The pronouncement came as a “third way” style Victorian Labor government cuddled up to business while insisting that political patronage did not equal compromise.… Read More

Commonwealth Integrity Commission Bill – A sham designed to cover up corruption

Media release 2nd November Analysis by the Centre for Public Integrity of the Government’s Commonwealth Integrity Commission Bill finds that while it has promised an organisation “with greater powers than a Royal Commission”, the reality is that what is has proposed is an organisation that is not fit for purpose. The following aspects of the Bill need to be… Read More