LNP fundraising furore leads to calls for Qld’s donation laws to be beefed up

By Matt Dennien, Lydia Lynch, Toby Crockford and Jocelyn Garcia, originally published on Tuesday the 13th of October by the Brisbane Times. An anti-corruption body has called for Queensland’s tough political donation laws to become even stricter after a day dominated by integrity questions in the state election campaign. Han Aulby, executive director of the Centre for Public Integrity, said… Read More

‘This is revenge for sports rorts’: Australian National Audit Office funding cut

By Sally Whyte, originally published in the Canberra Times on 7 October. Billions of dollars in government stimulus spending could go without scrutiny, after the Prime Minister ignored the Auditor-General’s plea for more funding, actually cutting the budget of the independent office. Labor has described the hit to the independent office as “revenge” for the… Read More

Accountability ‘facing attack’ from $1.4 billion in cuts, think-tank argues

By Matthew Elmas, originally published on October 6th on the Mandarin Australia’s accountability institutions are “facing attack” from resourcing constraints, having lost more than a billion dollars in federal funding over the last decade, according to the Centre for Public Integrity. In new analysis of budget papers published on Monday, the independent think-tank argued persistent cuts to… Read More

Narrabri gas project: former judge questions independence of NSW planning commission

By Adam Norton, originally published on the 1st of October on the Guardian A former New South Wales judge has called for “independent” to be dropped from the name of the state’s planning commission after it approved the controversial Narrabri coal seam gas development, arguing the body is effectively controlled by the government. The commission on Wednesday… Read More

Accountability deficit: $1.4 billion in funding cuts to accountability institutions since 2010

Analysis by the Centre for Public Integrity has found that funding of accountability institutions has been cut dramatically in the past ten years. The research finds: Total funding of accountability institutions has been cut by $1.4 billion in real terms since 2010, down from $4.8 billion to $3.4 billion Percentage of budget allocation to accountability… Read More

Coalition hides conflicts of interest of staff involved in $30m land purchase near Western Sydney airport

By Christopher Knaus and Michael McGowan, originally published on the Guardian on 30 September. The government is hiding the self-declared conflicts of interest of six departmental and contracted staff who worked in the unit responsible for the $30m Leppington Triangle purchase scandal, including one adviser with links to the business that sold the land at… Read More

Scrutiny to drop: Auditor-General appeals to Prime Minister for funding certainty

By Sally Whyte, originally published by the Canberra Times on the 30th of September. Auditor-General Grant Hehir has written to the Prime Minister about his office’s funding. Picture: Dion Georgopoulos The Auditor-General has appealed directly to Prime Minister Scott Morrison over his office’s funding, and has warned scrutiny of government decision-making will drop without an… Read More