Unchecked executive power needs to be reined in – former judge

Media release 10 July 2020. Individual Ministers are bypassing Parliament and making major policy decisions, according to a new submission from the Centre for Public Integrity published today. The submission finds: The response to COVID-19 has concentrated executive power Major decisions of policy and spending are being determined by individual Ministers, bypassing Parliament via delegated… Read More

Branch-stacking and sports rorts scandals call for national anti-corruption watchdog with teeth

Opinion piece by Stephen Charles, originally published in the Guardian 19th June 2020. The government’s proposed commonwealth integrity commission will be ‘the weakest and most ineffective such body in this country’ This week’s allegations of systemic branch-stacking and misuse of public money again show the urgent need for stronger anti-corruption measures – not only in… Read More

Media release: Somyurek scandals shows need for a National Integrity Commission and a stronger IBAC

The Centre for Public Integrity is today calling for stronger corruption investigation capacity in Victoria and federally, in response to the revelations involving branch stacking by former Victorian Minister Adem Somyurek. “The revelations involving Adem Somyurek highlight the need for stronger corruption investigation capacity at a state and federal level,” said Geoffrey Watson SC. “Victoria’s… Read More

‘Who’s going to protect Albo’: Tapes show how powerbroker controls ALP

By Nick McKenzie, Joel Tozer, and Sumeyya Ilanbey, originally published in the Age 15 June 2020. A Victorian Labor Party powerbroker has threatened to end the careers of several federal MPs, while also claiming to be “protecting” Anthony Byrne, deputy chair of the Australian Parliament’s powerful intelligence committee. Secret footage shows MP Adem Somyurek handing… Read More