Branch-stacking and sports rorts scandals call for national anti-corruption watchdog with teeth

Opinion piece by Stephen Charles, originally published in the Guardian 19th June 2020. The government’s proposed commonwealth integrity commission will be ‘the weakest and most ineffective such body in this country’ This week’s allegations of systemic branch-stacking and misuse of public money again show the urgent need for stronger anti-corruption measures – not only in… Read More

Media release: Somyurek scandals shows need for a National Integrity Commission and a stronger IBAC

The Centre for Public Integrity is today calling for stronger corruption investigation capacity in Victoria and federally, in response to the revelations involving branch stacking by former Victorian Minister Adem Somyurek. “The revelations involving Adem Somyurek highlight the need for stronger corruption investigation capacity at a state and federal level,” said Geoffrey Watson SC. “Victoria’s… Read More

‘Who’s going to protect Albo’: Tapes show how powerbroker controls ALP

By Nick McKenzie, Joel Tozer, and Sumeyya Ilanbey, originally published in the Age 15 June 2020. A Victorian Labor Party powerbroker has threatened to end the careers of several federal MPs, while also claiming to be “protecting” Anthony Byrne, deputy chair of the Australian Parliament’s powerful intelligence committee. Secret footage shows MP Adem Somyurek handing… Read More

Opinion: Australia must take the heat out of the political fundraising arms race

By Han Aulby, originally published in the Guardian 15 June 2020. Public trust in government is low. Regular allegations of MPs misspending public money do little to aid this. Reforms are needed to strengthen political culture and rebuild public trust. There are ongoing allegations of misspending of public money, whether in relation to the $1bn… Read More

National Covid-19 Coordination Commission scrutinised

By Mike Seccombe, originally published in the Saturday Paper 16th May 2020. Neville Power, the mining company executive hand-picked by the prime minister to lead the body planning Australia’s recovery in the post-Covid-19 world, was a no-show on Wednesday. And that was a great pity, for the senate select committee established to inquire into the… Read More

Joint statement on Covid Coordination Commission

Today, a former NSW Court of Appeal judge Anthony Whealy QC, and law and integrity groups, are calling on the Prime Minister to establish greater transparency and integrity measures for the opaque and unaccountable National Covid Coordination Commission (NCCC) and its Manufacturing Working Group, ahead of the Commission’s appearance at Covid Select Senate Committee hearings.… Read More

Zali Steggall increasingly concerned about Morrison government’s Covid Commission

By Katharine Murphy, originally published in the Guardian 13 May 2020. The independent MP Zali Steggall says she is increasingly concerned about the Morrison government’s influential National Covid Coordination Commission, because there is “no transparency about its governance or processes”. With representatives of the commission to appear before a Senate inquiry to answer questions about… Read More