The property and construction industry is the second largest donating industry, donating most in election years, according to new analysis of the AEC disclosures by the Centre for Public Integrity. The research shows:

·         The property and construction industry made $54.15 million in political contributions from 1999-2019

·         Donations strongly correlate with federal elections

·         Donations peaked in 2019, including a $4.1 million donation from Sugalena to the Liberal Party

·         The federal Liberal Party received $15.12 million over the period, more than double the $6.5 million received by the federal Labor Party

·         Big donors receive greater access, including 18 meetings in 18 months between Meriton and NSW Ministers

“Property developers are the second largest donating industry, behind resources. Sugalena made the second largest donation in history in the last election,” said Geoffrey Watson SC, barrister and director of the Centre for Public Integrity.

“Property developers rely on permits and licences to do business. This means that those companies with greater access and political favour are more likely to gain competitive advantage.”

“At a federal level the Liberal Party received more than double than the Labor Party in donations and contributions.”

“Donations and contributions strongly correlate with elections. We need urgent reform to stop big industry attempting to influence our democratic process.”

You can read our full report here.

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