Written by Tess Ikonomou. Originally published in the Northern Beaches Review on APRIL 14 2022

A vote for Labor will be a vote for a “long overdue” national anti-corruption watchdog, the party’s election campaign spokesman says.

Jason Clare criticised Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday afternoon over his refusal to commit to establishing a commission.

“The necessity in this country is long overdue to set up a national anti-corruption commission,” he told the ABC.

“He promised at the last election, never delivered. Now it seems he won’t do that if he wins the election.

“There is only one way we will get an integrity commission at a national level and that is if Labor wins this election.”

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese will be campaigning in NSW on Thursday, with health again to be placed at the forefront.

Earlier, Mr Morrison said the government’s position on the anti-corruption commission “has not changed”.

“We have a very clear proposal, detailed legislation. I did table this in parliament and our view has been the same – when the Labor Party is prepared to support that legislation in that form … then we will proceed with it,” he said.

It comes as the Centre for Public Integrity calls for a series of reforms to restore public trust, including a national integrity commission.

Independent Senator Rex Patrick slammed Mr Morrison over the proposed commission, labelling it a “political fraud”.

“Scott Morrison’s proposal for a Federal ICAC was a sham; it was a draft for an integrity commission from someone singularly lacking in political integrity,” Senator Patrick said. “The truth is the coalition failed to enact a national anti-corruption commission because under this prime minister they are politically corrupt.”