The Greens are pressing Labor ministers to provide explanations if they overlook or miss deadlines for parliamentary reports, aiming to ensure community and MP efforts aren’t wasted. A former Labor MP highlighted the government’s failure to address a homelessness report presented two years ago, even though ministers should usually respond within six months. Greens MP Tim Read, who recently obtained a commitment from the Andrews government to head the integrity and oversight committee, is now urging for alterations to the protocols for both house inquiries. If the proposed changes are accepted, missing the six-month deadline to address recommendations would prompt an automatic parliamentary debate. This push for accountability comes after revelations that nine committee recommendations from the last parliamentary term are still awaiting responses. The Centre for Public Integrity’s research director, Catherine Williams, supports these procedural changes, emphasizing timely responses to the hard work of parliamentary committees. She believes that any delay should be followed by an obligatory government explanation in parliament.

This is a summary of “Greens want please-explain from Labor ministers who ignore reports” published in The Age on July 13, 2023, written by Broede Carmody. Read it in full here.