Media release 12 May 2021

Corruption experts have raised concern over the Government’s broken promise to establish an integrity commission before the next election.

The 2021-22 Federal Budget provides zero funding and zero staff for the Commonwealth Integrity Commission, despite being announced 2.5 years ago.

“Australia urgently needs a National Integrity Commission. The Government has done nothing but consult on its plan, despite promising to establish a commission 2.5 years ago,” said Anthony Whealy QC, Chair of the Centre for Public Integrity.

“The Federal Budget provides zero staff and zero funding for the Government’s Commonwealth Integrity Commission. This shows the Government has no real intention of acting on corruption – despite talking up the CIC draft bill released last year.”

“We cannot afford further delay in the fight against corruption. We urge the Government to table its CIC bill in Parliament, strengthen its powers, and provide proper resourcing to this crucial institution,” said Mr Whealy.

Budget update 2021-22

2011-12100,613,0001,198,724 ,000
2012-13105,009,0001,223,149 ,000
2015-16114,719,0001,206,657 ,000
2016-17115,742,0001,167,584 ,000
2017-18115,667,0001,131,904 ,000
2018-19106,772,0001,125,809 ,000
CPI adjusted funding 2011-2020117,664,7621,401,882,210104,000,000
Cut in real terms$11,064,762$274,607,210$104,000,000
% cut10.38%24.36%100%

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