Media release 17th July 2019

Former judges Tony Fitzgerald, David Ipp, Anthony Whealy and Stephen Charles have joined with integrity experts to launch a new think tank dedicated to preventing corruption and restoring public trust. They today launched the Integrity Reform Agenda outlining urgent reforms needed in our integrity system:

  • Preventing corruption through a National Integrity Commission
  • Protecting the integrity of our accountability institutions
  • Eliminating the undue influence of money in politics

“The Centre for Public Integrity’s Integrity Reform Agenda outlines the broad reforms needed to restore trust in federal politics and the public service,” said The Hon Anthony Whealy QC, Chair of The Centre for Public Integrity and former judge of the NSW Court of Appeal.

“Our institutions hold government to account to act in the public interest. Attacks in the form of funding cuts, partisan appointments or weakened powers leave our integrity agencies unable to do their job. The integrity of these institutions must be respected and strengthened,” Mr Whealy said.

“The recent election provides ample evidence of the power of money in our political system. Reform of our political finance and lobbying regulations is urgently needed to stop the undue influence of those with money to spend on donations and campaigns,” said The Hon Stephen Charles AO QC, board member of The Centre for Public Integrity and former judge of the Victorian Court of Appeal.

“There is currently no agency that can effectively investigate corruption allegations in federal politics and public service. A National Integrity Commission with strong powers and the ability to hold public hearings is crucial to restoring public trust,” said Mr Charles.