Going gangbusters on crime while integrity watchdog goes missing

Centre for Public Integrity Research Director Dr Catherine Williams for the Sydney Morning Herald June 10 2021 The Prime Minister had cause to celebrate on Tuesday when he joined AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw in announcing the success of Operation Ironside. He used the opportunity to call for stronger powers to combat organised crime and claimed that… Read More

Australia’s funpark for felons leaves the nation vulnerable to hostile foreign powers

By Peter Hartcher, originally published by SMH on the 16th of February 2021. You could be forgiven for thinking that the Bergin report that damned Crown casinos last week was only about greed and crime. It was not. It’s bad enough that Crown casinos effectively had become bankers to some of the world’s worst crime… Read More

Critics blame ‘sickening’ rules after hidden political donations worth $1 billion are revealed

By Tom Stayner, originally published by SBS on the 1st of February 2021. Critics are calling for an overhaul of Australia’s electoral finance laws after a new analysis revealed political parties had pocketed more than $1 billion in “hidden donations” over the past two decades.  The Centre for Public Integrity has warned that a creeping trend towards… Read More

Media release: 46% of 2019-20 donations came from just 5 donors: AEC disclosure

February 1 2021 The most recent AEC donations disclosures confirm the need for urgent reform of ourpolitical finance system. The data shows that big donors are dominating the funding ofour political parties, with 46% of all donations coming from just 5 donors. Total donations 2019 – 2020 $18,020,970 Biggest donors Mineralogy $5,910,341 Pratt Holdings $1,550,000… Read More

Audit office ‘critical’ to democracy: Former judge backs call for funds

By Sally Whyte, originally published in the Canberra Times 30 September.Funding cuts to the Australian National Audit Office threaten the integrity of the country’s democracy, a top former judge says. Anthony Whealy QC, who served as a justice of the Supreme Court of NSW and an assistant commissioner for the Independent Commission Against Corruption in… Read More