Allan’s new IBAC chief is inexperienced and a virtual unknown. Is that the point?

It is the harsh reality of politics that when Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission finds fault with government, its commissioner needs to be able and prepared to meet such situations, and that they have the skills and standing required to manage such challenges. Last week, The Age reported that Victoria Elliott had been chosen as the new head… Read More

Daniel Andrews’ dismissal of IBAC ‘awful, offensive’, says former judge

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been heavily criticised by Stephen Charles KC, retired Court of Appeal judge and board member of the Centre for Public Integrity, Australia’s leading anti-corruption think tank, for his response to findings of misconduct in his government. Andrews dismissed the findings, which revealed improper influence and misconduct in the awarding of… Read More

Media bite – ‘Any person’ could be probed by new corruption watchdog: Dreyfus

The Centre for Public Integrity’s chair, Anthony Whealy, has welcomed the government’s move to give the federal corruption watchdog the power to investigate anyone trying to induce public officials to engage in dishonest conduct, widening its scope to capture “third parties” in an effort to improve integrity in government. However, experts say the commission should… Read More