Government fails to support effective national integrity commission

A strong and independent National Integrity Commission is urgently needed to begin restoring public trust in government. The recent scandal involving Crown Casino provides ample evidence of the gaps in our current integrity system. No existing agency has the ability to effectively investigate and expose allegations of corruption involving federal government at all levels. The… Read More

ICAC and the federal watchdog

By Mike Seccombe, originally published in The Saturday Paper 7th September 2019. It’s been a wild fortnight at the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). A hundred thousand dollars in an Aldi shopping bag, personally delivered to NSW Labor Party headquarters by a property developer who is now banned from Australia on ASIO… Read More

The questions ICAC isn’t asking

Opinion piece by Neil Chenoweth originally published in the Australian Financial Review 7th September 2019. The disconcerting feature of NSW’s remade anti-corruption body, as it tackles its first major donations scandal, is its determined lack of curiosity. There’s been no shortage of salacious detail in the past two weeks as the Independent Commission Against Corruption… Read More

There is no federal agency equipped to carry out corruption inquiries: Geoffrey Watson SC

Interview with Geoffrey Watson SC on The World Today, ABC Radio 2nd September 2019. Shopping bags full of money, claims of foreign influence and the downfall of a once rising Labor star; the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption has heard some sensational and worrying revelations in its recent hearings into the activities of… Read More