Big four consulting firms accused of ‘lowball quoting’ to win government contracts

Over the last decade, the big four consultancy firms have faced accusations of “lowball quoting” to secure federal government contracts, leading to a higher-than-expected taxpayer expenditure by $1.8 billion. An in-depth analysis by the Centre for Public Integrity, Australia’s leading anti-corruption think tank, discovered that approximately 19% of contracts awarded to these firms were later… Read More

Robodebt’s ‘potentially irreversible’ damage to trust in government

The robodebt royal commission’s final report, led by Commissioner Catherine Holmes, underscores a potential irreversible damage to the public’s trust in both the social security system and the broader Australian government. The robodebt scheme, perceived by many as unjust, has significantly eroded public trust, and its impact may be enduring. An anonymous submission to the… Read More

‘What the public is entitled to know’: Former judge slams robo-debt sealed section

Anthony Whealy, KC, previously a NSW Supreme Court judge and now the chair of the Centre for Public Integrity, Australia’s leading anti-corruption think tank, is pressing for transparency over the robo-debt royal commission findings. He insists that the names of those recommended for potential prosecution should be disclosed to the public, advocating for open justice.… Read More

‘Scary’: Federal integrity body becomes an issue in battle for Brisbane

Queensland Liberal MP Trevor Evans has warned the crowd at a candidates’ forum in his marginal inner-Brisbane seat about the “scary” outcomes experienced by some of those investigated by state anti-corruption bodies. And despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s refusal to commit to setting up such an agency if the Coalition is returned to government after… Read More

Media release – Budget cuts to ABC and ANAO in real terms + Independent Funding Tribunal needed

Cuts to ABC and ANAO show need for independent funding Funding for accountability institutions is threatened by political budget cycles and should be made independent, according to research and budget analysis by the Centre for Public Integrity. The 2022-2023 budget includes: “Despite promising to restore funding to the ABC and the ANAO, this budget gives… Read More