Political donations and the resources sector’s influence

By Royca Kurmelovs originally published on the 23rd of JanuaryNew analysis of political donations given in Australia over the past two decades has laid bare the extent to which the resources sector has sought to dominate the nation’s politics. The report by the Centre for Public Integrity (CPI), released this week, crunched the numbers on… Read More

Lax approach to political donations reeks of self-interest

Originally published by The Age on the 18th of January. Five years ago, in an influential case involving limits around donations to political parties, the High Court of Australia proffered a convincing assessment of how money can drive powerful outcomes. “Although there might be favours without payment and payment without favours, the basic human tendency… Read More

Resources industry donated $136 million over 20 years

Media release 18 January 2021 New analysis of 20 years of AEC donation disclosures shows the resources industry is the largest donating industry to Australia’s political parties and campaigners. The research from the Centre for Public Integrity shows: The resources industry is the largest donating industry, making contributions 2.5 times greater than the property industry,… Read More

Tribute to David Ipp

On 8 October 2020 David Ipp passed away at the age of 82.  David was a great Australian.  He was a national leader as a judge, a law reformer and a corruption fighter.  His death is a grievous loss to the country and also to The Centre for Public Integrity.  Born and educated in South… Read More

The role of business lobbyists in political election campaigns is raising questions for integrity watchers

By Dan Conifer, originally published on 26 November. Politicians hold a lot of power and behind them there are backroom advisors who escape the spotlight. But when those campaign operators also act as political lobbyists, questions are asked about the appearance of conflicts of interest. Tonight 7.30 looks behind the Queensland election campaign and the… Read More