RN Breakfast: Centre for Public Integrity prompts calls for creation of federal anti-corruption commission

Interview with Geoffrey Watson SC on RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly 11th February 2020. Llew O’Brien has been elected Deputy Speaker after defecting the Nationals party yesterday. The former Queensland police officer is a staunch supporter of a federal anti-corruption commission with strong powers. Calls for a so-called federal ICAC have intensified in recent weeks,… Read More

7.30: Government grants – how are they run and who benefits?

By Paul Farrell, originally published 5th February 2020 on ABC 7.30. PAUL FARRELL, REPORTER:  The Cronulla Sailing Club boasts million dollar views on Gunnamatta Bay, in the Prime Minister’s electorate of Cook.In 2017, it received some welcome news. It had secured a Federal Government grant. One of thousands awarded in electorates across the country, under… Read More

Liberal party received $4.1m in donations from property tycoon's company

By Paul Karp and Chris Knaus, originally published in the Guardian 3rd February 2020. The Liberal party received $4.1m from a single donor before the 2019 election, one of the largest amounts in political history, dwarfing former leader Malcolm Turnbull’s $1.75m gift before the 2016 election. The donations, revealed in Australian Electoral Commission disclosures published… Read More

7.30 Report: Sporting clubs look for answers

Published on 7.30 Report 22nd January 2020. PETER WILLIAMS, CASTLEMAINE BOWLING CLUB:  The Castlemaine Bowling Club provides a really important function in our community. It provides opportunities for people to engage in a sport, that’s available for people from birth through to their hundreds. We have a number of people who are no longer playing… Read More

Sports rorts expose Coalition's tame corruption watchdog plan

By Anthony Whealy, originally published in the Australian Financial Review 22nd January 2020. The ‘Sport’s Rort’ scandal reflects a new low in our political system. Bridget McKenzie’s actions were much worse than mere pork-barrelling, detestable though that practice is. Here, there was a large scale program appropriately informed by a carefully laid out assessment and… Read More