The minister and the lobbyist: Blandthorn siblings face conflict questions

Premier Daniel Andrews’ appointment of new Planning Minister Lizzie Blandthorn has raised conflict-of-interest questions due to her lobbyist brother representing major development, construction and infrastructure clients. In an appointment that has unsettled some senior government and Labor insiders, the premier named Pascoe Vale MP Blandthorn to the sensitive planning role. Her brother, John-Paul Blandthorn, heads… Read More

Media release – Public Appointments Framework – Guaranteeing merit and independence

Corruption experts call for new Public Appointments Framework in wake of AAT stacking The AAT should be dissolved and replaced, and a new Public Appointments Framework established to ensure independent appointments, according to new research by the Centre for Public Integrity. The research finds: Public appointment processes are opaque, leading to allegations of “jobs for… Read More

Media release – Sharpening the watchdogs teeth

The Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) plays an invaluable role in protecting public integrity in Victoria by identifying, exposing and investigating allegations of corrupt conduct. Currently, however, the ability of the IBAC to fulfil its mandated functions is hampered by undue limitations on both its jurisdiction and the use of its investigative powers. In… Read More

31 former judges call for the establishment of a National Integrity Commission

Media release embargo 6am 18th May 2022 31 former judges have signed an open letter calling on political leaders to establish a National Integrity Commission. Signatories include former judge of the High Court Mary Gaudron QC, former Chief Justice of Queensland Catherine Holmes AC QC, and former Federal Court judge Michael Barker QC. The letter states: “Despite… Read More

Scott Morrison’s anti-ICAC argument ignores vast sums of federal spending – and risk of corruption

It’s not hard to tell when Prime Minister Scott Morrison gets a media question he doesn’t like this election campaign. Just watch his response to the queries he’s getting, again and again, about a federal integrity commission. Ask him about his stance on the issue, and his voice drops a few decibels, his eyelids flutter,… Read More

Labor integrity commission to investigate allegations from a ‘long time ago’

Labor expects its proposed national integrity commission will examine alleged misconduct from as far back as 15 years, with both former and current politicians eligible to be investigated under a broad definition of corruption. Unlike the Coalition, Labor has promised to create an integrity body with retrospective powers, meaning it could examine decisions taken before… Read More

Ibac frenzy exposes a wide divide between Victorian and federal Liberals

There was a wide divide exposed between the federal Coalition government and Victoria’s Liberal leadership that many people missed this week. With integrity becoming a key issue in the federal campaign, the prime minister, Scott Morrison, was decrying the prospect of a “kangaroo court” where a premier could be grilled publicly without being accused of… Read More

ICAC commissioner slams kangaroo court claims as ‘deeply offensive’

One of NSW’s anti-corruption watchdog commissioners has taken an extraordinary swipe at the agency’s critics – including Prime Minister Scott Morrison – labelling them “buffoons” with ill-informed views. Stephen Rushton, SC, one of three Independent Commission Against Corruption commissioners, told a NSW parliamentary inquiry on Monday that describing the ICAC as a kangaroo court was… Read More

‘Scary’: Federal integrity body becomes an issue in battle for Brisbane

Queensland Liberal MP Trevor Evans has warned the crowd at a candidates’ forum in his marginal inner-Brisbane seat about the “scary” outcomes experienced by some of those investigated by state anti-corruption bodies. And despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s refusal to commit to setting up such an agency if the Coalition is returned to government after… Read More