Analysis by the Centre for Public Integrity has found that funding of accountability institutions has been cut dramatically in the past ten years.

The research finds:

  • Total funding of accountability institutions has been cut by $1.4 billion in real terms since 2010, down from $4.8 billion to $3.4 billion
  • Percentage of budget allocation to accountability institutions has dropped from 1.14% to 0.6% since 2010
  • The ANAO is among the worst hit agencies, with funding cut by $23.7 million in real terms since 2016-17
  • The ABS suffered a 30% reduction in operational funding over the past decade
  • The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s resourcing has not kept pace with the 13% increase in the number of FOI requests received across Australian Government agencies since 2017.

“Accountability institutions are the bedrock of our democracy,” barrister and director of the Centre for Public Integrity Geoffrey Watson SC said today.

“Without strong, independent, and well-resourced accountability institutions the role of government cannot be properly scrutinised.”

“More funding is needed across the board to ensure accountability institutions can uphold integrity and the rule of law,” said Mr Watson.

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